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Examples of Previous Works

Examples of Previous Works

Mods Art design work
 The Italian company, Mods Art had their own logo and name added to their order of the RECLINE Remote Inclinometer System.  It adds a sense of style, flair and individuality to their product.   Anyone who uses this can instantly tell who it belongs to and easily identify with the brand.

If you would like to know more or have your own order branded, please get in touch and Contact Us

Britannia Row Productions design work

World renowned company Britannia Row Productions recently added 32 RECLINE Remote Inclinometer units to their inventory, complete with cables and cases.  The Display units and Sensors were coated in 'Brit Row Blue' and then the company logo added.  

Britannia Row Productions Sensor
Britannia Row Productions Display

And here are the cases...
Britannia Row Productions Case