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Phantom Power Tester

KSG 48v Phantom Power Tester

Phantom Power Tester

The KSG Phantom Power tester is a simple tester, mounted into a male XLR.  Test mic cables, multi-cores, snakes, stage boxes active and passive*, desk inputs, way lines etc.
It can display faults with cables with great ease.  The following faults can be shown and diagnosed:

Pin 1 (Shield)      No LED
Pin 2 (Hot)          Red
Pin 3 (Cold)        Blue
No Fault             White
With the aid of Phantom power, it can also be used as a torch.  Brilliant!
Small and quick to use, a must for any tool box.

Also coming, a Pink Noise Generator, Click Track Indicator and more!

* Some stage boxes with a transformer isolated split may give odd readings when used on the TX output