Peak Audio goes for RECLINE Inclinometers
Peak Audio RECLINE Logo
If you were thinking that this was an offer of a holiday on a fabulous sunny beach in The Netherlands, you would be mistaken.  What it is in fact is that Peak Audio from Amsterdam have purchased some RECLINE Remote Inclinometer Systems.  

Peak Audio's Bart Schouten got in touch with us late last year regarding some of our fantastic lasers for his line arrays.  After a bit of haggling, 6 Sensor Units and 3 Single Input Display Units were off to Amsterdam.  

Bart sent us a copy the Peak Audio logo (right) which we were able to load into the display units.  Its a great way to add a bit of flare and individualism to your products.

If you or your company are interested in some inclinometers or lasers for you line array speaker systems, give us a call.

Check out Peak Audio here

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