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BBM upgrade to RECLINE Inclinometers

posted 27 Feb 2014, 05:15 by Ben Phillips   [ updated 27 Feb 2014, 05:19 ]
Black Box Music gets on board!        
Black Box Music Logo for the Recline Remote Inclinometer System
BBM - Black Box Music of Germany are the latest audio company to acquire some of our inclinometers.  A while back, long time fan, Ulf Oeckel took one of our demonstration kits and had a play with it.  As a result Ulf and BMM placed an order for 6 RECLINE Sensor Units and 2 RECLINE Dual Input Display Units for use on the upcoming Cher tour.  

The Dual Input Display has two inputs to allow Ulf and his team to read the measurements of two sensors at once and activate both lasers.  A really handy feature if you want to compare two line array speaker hangs. 

The Sensor Unit has the integrated magnetic attachment system giving BBM the flexibility to attach the sensors to any of their speaker systems with steel bumper bars or grids.  For those with aluminium  frames, there are 4 mounting holes for permanent mounting or we could manufacture some brackets.

So a huge thank you to Markus Eichhofer, Ulf Oeckel and all at Black Box Music.  Enjoy the tour!

Check out BBM here 

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