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Custom Black Shure Beta 58a for The Cure

posted 10 Apr 2014, 09:35 by Ben Phillips   [ updated 10 Apr 2014, 09:47 ]
KSG have recently supplied the mighty British band, The Cure with two customised Black Shure Beta 58a microphones. 

These awesome looking microphones made their début on stage at The Cure's performance during the latest Teenage Cancer Trust run of concerts which were again at London's prestigious Royal Albert Hall.

The Cure played two nights at the Royal Albert Hall all in the name of charity and helping out those who need a bit of a helping hand in life.  

Where possible, The Cure try to use black microphones to help with the on stage look and these latests additions to the line up really fit in well.  

We have taken a few photos of the microphones throughout the process to give you and idea of how we went about it and the attention to detail.  

If you would like your microphone or any other bit of kit customised, get in touch with here

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The Cure Shure Beta 58a before media blasting

The original Shure Beta 58a, stripped and ready for blasting

The Cure Shure Beta 58a after media blasting

Dissembled and media blasted ready for coating

The Cure Custom Black Beta 58a Microphones

Coated and cured ready for use

The Cure Custom Black Shure Beta 58a Microphones ready for action

They almost blend into the black carpet of the drum riser!

The Cure Custom Black Shure Beta 58a Microphones on the mic stand

The Cure's Custom Black Shure Beta 58a in action

The Cure stage picture with Black Beta 58a Microphone by KSG

Spot the mic!

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