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ML Executives and Iron Maiden get Reclined

ML Executives order RECLINE Remote Inclinometer Systems for their Line Arrays!

ML Exec purchase Recline Remote Inclinometer System for Iron Maiden Tour
Last week, Neil White of ML Executives put through a quick order for two RECLINE Remote Inclinometer Systems for the next Iron Maiden tour.  With little time to spare, this order was processed in what must be a record time for us here at KSG.  And at ' 2 Minutes to Midnight', the order was ready to dispatched from bonny Scotland to south of the border and to the sunnier climes of South East England, where ML Executives are based.  

Neil ordered four Sensor Units and two Single Input Displays along with cables and external power supplies to compliment the system.  

The Sensors were kitted out with all the extras  - bright 532nm (green) lasers and the extremely powerful and useful magnetic attachment system.

The magnetic attachment system allows the user to place the Sensor Unit on almost any steel bumper bar or 
grid for loud speakers without the need for additional mounting brackets.* 
Recline Remote Inclinometer Sensor Unit with laser for line arrays

So here is a big thank you to Neil and all the chaps at ML Exec from us here at KSG.  Cheers guys!!

Check out ML Executives here  

*V-Dosc is the exception to the rule.

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