RECLINE Dual Input Inclinometer Display for VER Line Arrays
Video Equipment Rentals, VER have recently purchased some more of the RECLINE Remote Inclinometer Display Units.  Doug McKinley of VER contacted us again to order some more Dual Input Display Units to go with their previous order of Sensor Units.  Doug took 8 display units fitted with RJ45 connectors and also some more of our protective cases with custom foam inserts.  

The Dual Input Display Unit lets you, the user connect two Sensor Units at once.  Two angles are then displayed clearly on the bright TFT screen.  There are two laser switches for maximum control of the lasers that are built into the Sensor Unit.  We can even load your company logo into the screen so that it can be displayed once the power has been turned on.  A really effective way to advertise your business and identify the kit as yours!  

Our protective cases are a great way to look after you investment.  The custom foam inserts help cushion the system from any bumps or knocks that might be encountered out on the road.    

Thanks Doug and thanks VER for your continued support!

Check out VER here!

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