It'll be Christmas soon...
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Its hard to belive that we are already over half way through the year.  And what a
ar it has been so far.  Here at KSG, we've been super busy making your favourite remote inclinometer system for line arrays. 
In cas
you didn't know, the name RECLINE is an abbreviation.  REmote iCLINomEter = RECLINE.  We like to think that the product also allows you not to worry so much when you are rigging your favourite PA system, enabling you to relax, kick back and perhaps recline into your favourite couch or sofa at the side of stage or FOH.  Enjoy!

Back to the news...

We have had some really exciting dealings with both new and existing customers.  Satis&fy, SES, Skan, Star Light and VER all came back for more.  We were happy to welcome Audile, Clair Brothers, Rainbow Production Services, Schubert Systems, Solo Tech, and Sound Media into the fold.  We really appreciate your custom and support!  Thanks guys.

For those of you who are looking for the latest and greatest gadgets for measuring the angles on your sound system, be sure to check back in with us soon, we have a few new tasty products just around the corner.  Nom nom!

KSG Acoustics continues to be a power house of noise solutions here in Scotland. T in the Park stormed into its new venue at Strathallan Castle in July while, closer to home, we've been enjoying the summer vibe at Riverside, Sub Club Soundsystem and the Merchant City festival pop up Belgian beer bar and ambient beats down at Glasgow's Tontine Lane.  Gotta love that Belgian beer!  On the engineering side, the new Queensferry Crossing across the Firth of Forth continues apace with the first cable stays installed and the steel road sections imminent.  If you want a sneek peak at it, check out this camera feed from the bridge here 

KSG Recording continues to gather more kit and equipment.  More upgrades and investment for our mobile Pro Tools recording rigs.  HD and HDX for all your mobile multi tracking needs!  Just in time too, as we have a few projects coming up soon that need the extra processing power of the Avid HDX system. 

Busy busy, aye?  If you think that we can help you out or perhaps you are in Glasgow and would like to catch up and chew the fat, drop us a line.  We'd love to see you - Belgian beers on us! 

Now where has that tape op gone with my tea?