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SES take RECLINE Kits for GTO Line Arrays

posted 26 Sep 2013, 23:13 by Ben Phillips   [ updated 29 Sep 2013, 10:55 ]

Special Events Services based in Winston Salem, North Carolina has recently taken delivery of two RECLINE Remote Inclinometer Systems.

Jason Farah of SES got in touch with us after seeing the RECLINE laser inclinometers in action with PRG.  PRG were having a wee look at them alongside the mighty Outline GTO system.  After observing the demonstration kit that PRG was using, Jason opted to order two of the newly upgraded and released Single Input Displays and four Sensor Units complete with powerful 532nm lasers and the efficient magnetic attachment system.  The SES displays were customised with their logo (below) and also with latching laser switches so Jason could maintain the laser operation for longer. 

The recently released inclinometer display has been a real success.  It is a natural progression from  the earlier model which has served with distinction in many great PA companies such as Britannia Row Productions, Skan PA Hire and Satis&fy.  The large 2.4 inch display really makes viewing measurements easy. 
SES RECLINE Remote Inclinometer System Logo

So a big thank you to Jason and all of the SES team, may your angles be true and lasers bright! 

If you would like to know more about SES, click here.  And for further information about the updated display, click here


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