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The New Single Input Display Unit

posted 10 Sep 2013, 02:52 by Ben Phillips   [ updated 10 Sep 2013, 04:07 ]

It's been a while coming but the latest version of the Single Input Display is here!

New RECLINE Single Input Display Unit
The mark 3 is the latest in the RECLINE Remote Inclinometer System series of measurement products specifically designed for angular measurement.  The new Single Input Display takes technology from the Dual Input Display and the previous displays along with lessons learned and feedback received from users around the world.  

A large 2.4'' TFT colour display enables the user to easily view the incline that is measured.  User defined alarms can be set and triggered when certain angles are reached. Well defined controls in the form of tactile push button switches provide easy manipulation of the display.  As with previous display units, this one is also battery powered and comes complete with an external switch-mode AC/DC power supply for maximum flexibility   To finish it all off there is a choice of 5 pin XLR or RJ45 (CAT5) connectors; you can choose which ever fits best into to your cabling system.  Best of all, this display requires no calibration!  And if that wasn't enough, we can also load your company name and logo onto the screen to be displayed when the screen powers up! 

As for the previous version of the Single Input Display Unit, well, time marches on and it has been discontinued.  A few examples of the older model may come up for sale at a discounted rate,  keep an eye on the website for details.  

There will be tears shed for the old model (well maybe not actual tears), but I think you all will agree this is a definite step forward!  Contact us it you would like some more information.  

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