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What inclinometers do VER use on their speaker systems?

The answer is, the RECLINE Remote Inclinometer System    
Recently, KSG have supplied the American company, VER (Video Equipment Rentals) with a rather large number of inclinometers.  Doug McKinley from VER, contacted us and asked us to supply him with inclinometers and lasers for the large stock of speaker systems that VER hold.  

We were extremely pleased to deliver 32 Inclinometer Sensor Units, 8 Single Input Display Units, 8 Peli cases with custom foam inlays and a variety of spares and calibration equipment.  

All of VER's Sensor Units feature the unique magnetic attachment system.  This allows them the flexibility to quickly and easily move the sensors from system to system as required.  Naturally the Sensor Units also have a bright 532nm green laser for aiming of the line arrays.
VER Inclinometer Display Logo

The Single Input Displays that Doug received were of the recently upgraded type.  These displays feature a higher level of accuracy, colour screen with easy to read data and best of all, no calibration is required.

We'd like to thank Doug and his team for the order and we look forward to hearing how it works out!

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To visit VER and see what they are up to, click here.

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