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RECLINE Remote Inclinometer System

RECLINE Remote Inclinometer System

RECLINE Remote Inclinometer System

The RECLINE Remote Inclinometer System is an incline measurement system complete with a visual reference aid.  
The RECLINE Remote Inclinometer System consists of two parts; The RECLINE Remote Inclinometer Sensor unit and either the RECLINE Remote Inclinometer Display unit or the Dual Input Display Unit

The RECLINE Inclinometer Sensor unit contains a ±30deg (other values available) inclinometer sensor for measuring angle and a >5mw Class 3R 532nm laser for use as a visual indicator.  This lets you see where plane measured intersects with an object opposite. 

A unique magnetic mounting system is also included via the use of N42 neodymium magnets with a holding strength far in excess of the standard 7:1 safety standard.  A safety / secondary point of contact is also provided.  The enclosure also has four (4) M4 holes to allow attachment of the sensor directly to mounting plates, brackets and clamps. 

Custom brackets are available on request from the manufacturer.  Data and power is received and transmitted via a 5 pin  XLR.  CAT5 can also be specified when ordering.

The RECLINE Display unit is a portable display / power supply for the RECLINE sensor unit.  The Display unit contains a back lit LCD screen for reading the plane that is currently measured, an Power On/Off switch, a Laser power switch (when laser is installed) and a Low Battery indicator.  The Display unit requires two (2) x 9v PP3 batteries and or an external DC PSU.   Data and power is received and transmitted via a 5 pin XLR.

The Dual Input display is a new product that can display the two sensors worth of information at once via a 2.5" colour TFT touch screen. 

The Inclinometer Sensor can be located up to 305m (1000 ft) from the Display unit.  Most types of low capacitance shielded cable are acceptable for use with this system.

The RECLINE Remote Inclinometer System requires no regular calibration after it has shipped from the manufacturer. Any Sensor can be used with any Display unit.  A service calibration should be carried out every 12 months.

This system can be used for many applications.  Ranging from line arrays, speaker systems, drain, pipe and sewer inspection, solar / photovoltaic PV and satellite dish alignment, construction use and monitoring purposes.